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Empowering People,
Customers and Communities

FY 2020 Progress

Our Goal

Reduce OSHA recordables by 10% year-over-year

What We Accomplished


reduction in total recordable incident rate

Our Goal

Build a highly engaged team with a 10% increase in retention

What We Accomplished


increase in retention rate from FY2019

Our Goal

Aspire to offer English as a second language and financial literacy training to all team members

What We Accomplished


plants offering ESL, financial literacy and citizenship classes

Our Goal

Provide $50 million in cash or in-kind donations to fight hunger by 2020

What We Accomplished

30+ Million

pounds of food donated, totaling 124 million meals, valued at $65 million

Our Goal

Offer the protein and food products that consumers want.

What We Accomplished

$98 Million

invested in R&D


new products launched

At Tyson Foods, we recognize that our success as a leading protein company is in many ways a testament to our people and relationships. The dedication of our team members, the support of the communities where we live and work and the customers who trust us every day to deliver satisfying and nutritious food to their tables all play a part in our ability to deliver safe, affordable and sustainable food today and for generations to come. We undertake a variety of initiatives to empower these groups for our continued mutual success. This was particularly critical in 2020, a year that saw unprecedented events, from a global pandemic to a heightened and necessary focus on racial injustice and equity.

We support our team members by constantly providing them resources for both personal and professional growth. In particular, we focus on their specific needs through programs addressing English as a second language and providing life skills such as digital and financial literacy, as well as career pathway development programs to support advancement. At the community level, we work closely to address challenges impacting many of the rural areas where Tyson Foods is a critical part of the community, such as increasing access to health care, transportation and nutritious foods. We analyze where our investments can make the most positive change and build programs to meet those needs. Our work to support team members and strengthen communities better positions us to meet the protein needs of our customers through a broad and innovative portfolio of food products.

Key Achievements


Created a chief medical officer position and plan to add nearly 200 nurses and administrative support personnel to supplement the 400-plus people who are currently part of the company’s health services team


Partnered with Axiom Medical to help case manage team members and their families affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic by providing health support, access to licensed medical professionals and ongoing education to reduce the spread of illness


Provided $300 million in We CARE bonuses and temporarily increased short-term disability insurance coverage, quarantine pay, guarantee pay and health benefits for team members amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic


Partnered with Matrix Medical Network® to ensure the company’s U.S. team members are educated about and have access to the COVID-19 vaccines


Donated $5 million to social justice organizations, including Equal Justice Initiative, the National Museum of African American History & Culture, National Urban League, The Executive Leadership Council and Immigrant Connection


Developed the company’s first Human Rights Policy and signed on to the Department of Transportation’s Leaders Against Human Trafficking Pledge as part of our commitment to keep people and communities safe


Donated nearly $2 million to 65 school districts across 60 Tyson Foods plant communities, bringing much-needed resources to teachers and students


Continued growth of Upward Academy at 59 locations and launched Upward Pathways, a career pathway program to upskill team members


Expanded our employee giving platform, Giving Together, to match donations dollar-for-dollar and to donate $12 for every volunteer hour logged by team members


Piloted seven health centers near company production facilities that will offer team members and their families easier access to high-quality health care


Recognized by Women on Boards as a “W” for “Winning” company for our corporate Board’s gender diversity, with women representing 25% of membership


Donated more than 30 million pounds of food—the most given away on an annual basis in our company’s 85-year history


Expanded our Miles that Matter partnership with 19 new chapters nationwide to total 44 chapters


Added 12 new pantries to our Community Pantry program

Stories of Progress

In 2020, we supported our team members in new ways, particularly our frontline workers, given the hardship the pandemic brought to many people and communities. Early in the year, we formed a Coronavirus Taskforce, which, among many actions, implemented numerous safety measures to protect workers and maintain a safe workplace, building upon our existing safety protocols. In 2020, we provided $300 million in WE CARE bonuses and temporarily increased short-term disability, insurance coverage, quarantine pay, guarantee pay and health benefits for frontline team members amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. Knowing the pandemic affected team members on a personal level, we expanded our Helping Hands program to assist with some of the unexpected costs they’ve incurred along the way. These include medical expenses, rent, food, essential utilities and clothing—totaling over $6 million in direct financial support.

Another way team members have used Helping Hands funding is for childcare— an area Tyson Foods identified as an immediate need early on. Plant management has worked with team members to arrange or change their shifts and even adjust their roles, if necessary, in order to allow them to care for their children.

To further support our team and their communities, we started a COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and donated more than $1 million to nonprofit partners in communities where Tyson Foods has operations.

To directly fight hunger during a year like no other, we stepped up our efforts and gave away more food in a year than ever before in our company’s 85-year history. This amounted to more than 30 million pounds, equal to 124 million meals. Valued at $65 million, approximately 885 truckloads were required to deliver this product. To put it in perspective, if placed bumper-to-bumper, the line of trucks would stretch almost 15 miles. Nonprofits and community organizations are invaluable partners in our hunger relief work, and we expanded many of these relationships in 2020, including:

Adding 12 new pantries to our Community Pantry Program. The pantries act as distribution centers for smaller, less resourced food pantries and allow us to distribute protein deeper into rural communities.

Providing $1.83 million in grant funds to 51 hunger relief projects helping to feed communities.

Donating nearly 20 million meals to Feed the Children, a leading nonprofit focused on alleviating childhood hunger and one that we’ve partnered with for the past 15 years. We plan to further expand this partnership, given its coordinated logistics network and ability to reach such a critical subset of the hungry—America’s children.

Our food donations were part of more than $75 million that Tyson Foods invested in FY2020 to fulfill our commitment to address food insecurity, support team members and improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

Early in the pandemic, we learned of the very real struggle for health care workers to find quality protein to purchase for their families. These frontline workers were working 12+ hour shifts only to find grocery stores closed due to restricted hours or the shelves bare. While health care workers were well fed during their shift, not much was done to support their families at home. We saw this gap as our best opportunity to make a real difference.

Tyson Foods brought in truckloads of frozen, fully cooked foodservice poultry items that our Discovery Center Pilot Plant team repacked in five-pound bags and labeled for distribution. Through six weekly distributions at each location, we supported our local health care teams at Washington Regional Medical Center, Northwest Health, Mercy Hospital and Arkansas Children’s Northwest—distributing close to 50,000 pounds of protein.

We keep team members safe through proactive safety measures and work to promote a culture of safety and caring in our plants. A vital part of this is our We Care workplace safety initiative, which we have expanded even further to include overall team member health and wellness through the pilot of seven new health clinics. The clinics, run in partnership with Marathon Health, provide primary and preventive care, including health screenings, lifestyle coaching and health education, as well as behavioral health counseling. The aim is to bring employees and their families access to high-quality health care, in most cases at no cost.

The majority of our 139,000 global team members work in our U.S. chicken, beef, pork and prepared foods production facilities. This diverse workforce is comprised of many immigrants to the U.S. Helping them succeed in and out of work is a meaningful and tangible way we can support them.

A key way we support our frontline workers is through Upward Academy—an innovative education program we created to help team members develop important life skills. In FY2020, we increased the number of locations offering free and accessible classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), General Educational Development (GED), citizenship and financial and digital literacy to 59 locations, up from 56 in FY2019. When the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted in-person classes, Upward Academy pivoted to offer virtual classes so team members could continue their education.

We also launched Upward Pathways, a new approach to create opportunities for upward mobility to team members who exit Upward Academy or those who are not fully utilizing their skills and experience and looking for a next step. These career pathways leading to advanced training opportunities are a first for Tyson Foods. We hope that a more transparent and equitable system through Upward Pathways will support retention rates and increase the pool of qualified frontline applicants for next-level positions.

We recognize the need to expand our diversity and inclusion efforts beyond our walls and support causes that advance equity, racial justice and lasting change in society. That’s why in 2020 Tyson Foods signed the Northwest Arkansas Leadership Pledge for diversity and inclusion, signifying our commitment to foster and expand a more just, equitable and inclusive region. We also awarded five grants, each worth $1 million, to organizations working tirelessly to advance racial justice and drive positive societal change, including the Equal Justice Initiative, the National Museum of African American History & Culture, National Urban League, The Executive Leadership Council and Immigrant Connection. Immigrant Connection provides legal services to immigrants, including Tyson Foods team members, and was selected as a grantee by our team members. The other four organizations were selected by our Executive Leadership Team for their important work.