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Hunger Relief

Tyson Foods is deeply committed to relieving hunger in the U.S. and lending a helping hand to communities affected by food insecurity. We do this through a combination of efforts that attack the problem of hunger on multiple levels.

Donations & Grants

The majority of our efforts come in the form of product donations. Donating food products allows us to feed those in need while reducing excess product in our business. In addition to product donations, we award hunger relief grants. These include grants for “urgent feeding” programs that enhance access to nutritious foods for those who struggle with food insecurity. Tyson Foods also invests in capacity-building by helping food banks build their physical infrastructure to store, refrigerate and deliver food throughout a region. Grants support specific needs such as storage, equipment and vehicles.

Community Pantry Initiative

At the local level, our Community Pantry Initiative has a best-in-class model for community food pantries. Pantries in Tyson Foods communities that are selected as partners must adopt these practices. In return, we are able to donate more product to them and increase the provision of high-quality protein and other foods in the community while enhancing the pantries’ capacity to provide food and decreasing costs to secure it. Increasing community pantry capacity enables us to donate product more directly to people facing food insecurity in our communities. It also serves to decrease costs associated with transporting excess product greater distances to regional food bank locations.

When considering pantries for the Community Pantry Initiative, we evaluate the following criteria:

  • Estimated storage capacity and ability to receive product, including chilled and frozen product.
  • Ability of the pantry to handle large-volume donations in terms of staffing, equipment and operating hours.
  • Whether the pantry owns or leases their building, to determine whether capital investments have longevity.
  • Current operating hours and/or willingness to change operating hours to accommodate community demand.
  • Operating budget and ability to sustain facility for a three-year period.
  • Sustainability of staffing plan and reliance on volunteers.
  • Alignment of pantry’s service area with communities near Tyson Foods plants.

Hunger Relief Partnerships

Some of our notable partnerships to address hunger relief include:

  • Feeding America: Tyson Foods is a Leadership Partner with Feeding America. This partnership status recognizes our substantial contributions in the form of cash and in-kind donations, volunteers, board service, and disaster relief partnership support to Feeding America and its network of food banks. The Tyson Foods Protein Innovation Fund also provides funding to Feeding America food banks to accelerate protein sourcing projects.
  • Feed the Children: Feed the Children is a significant partner for Tyson Foods, focusing their outreach on our most vulnerable population—children and seniors in cities, towns and rural areas in all 50 states. They’re also a key partner in Tyson’s disaster relief efforts, assisting in the set-up of feeding and distribution sites in disaster relief zones. In FY20, Tyson Foods donated 3,082,481 pounds of product to Feed the Children, equivalent to more than 12 million meals, at a value of over $3.2 million.
  • OneEgg: While travel was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tyson Foods and our subsidiary Cobb-Vantress maintain a partnership with social enterprise OneEgg to provide an egg a day to children in six countries. In Ethiopia, Honduras and Nepal, where OneEgg began operating in 2018, our grants help provide thousands of eggs to schools and families each month. Our efforts with OneEgg also supports social entrepreneurship by helping farmers learn to raise chickens. After eggs are donated to schools, farmers sell the remaining eggs on the open market, which helps drive economic development and a desire to consume eggs and chickens locally. The Tyson Foods Fellows® program provides technical expertise in an ongoing partnership with OneEgg and in-country charitable and business partners. Through the technical expertise of the program, we meet farmers where they are and help them find solutions that make sense given their resources, market dynamics and capabilities for growing chickens.
  • Miles that Matter: Tyson Foods team members are important contributors to our hunger relief efforts. Each year they participate in our Miles that Matter program which encourages team members to walk, run or cycle for charity. For every mile logged, Tyson Foods donates a pound of food to a local food bank.