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Natural Resources

To ensure we do business in a way that conserves natural resources and protects the environment, Tyson Foods operates with robust company-wide environmental governance and environmental management systems in place. Learn more about how we conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Kevin Igli, Chief Environmental Officer, who reports to our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), provides corporate leadership, direction and technical standards for processes to guide our environmental professionals. He assesses, prioritizes and manages all aspects of our environmental efforts across the company; monitors the status of environmental compliance and activities for both our domestic and international operations; and institutes regular meetings with regulatory officials to share information, build relationships and demonstrate our approach to environmental excellence. Our internal Executive Environmental Council, comprised of Tyson Foods’ CEO, group presidents, CSO, chief environmental officer and direct reports, meets monthly to stay abreast of the critical environmental issues facing the enterprise.

Environmental Management System

An environmental management system (EMS) is in place at each of our U.S. facilities. The EMS, modeled after ISO 14001, is designed to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations in the communities where we work and live, support achievement of our environmental goals and help us improve environmental compliance.





CDP is an organization that runs a global system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage disclosure of their environmental impacts.

Compliance Metrics FY20181 FY2019 FY20202
Compliance MetricsNotices of Violation (NOV) FY20181 76 FY2019 48 FY20202 31
Compliance MetricsPenalties per Fiscal Year FY20181 $2,064,503 FY2019 $36,323 FY20202 $95,9124
Compliance MetricsTotal Reportable Chemical Spills (e.g., chemicals, fats, oils, fuels) FY20181 43 FY2019 38 FY20202 273

1These data are representative of Tyson U.S.-based operations and The Pork Group.

2FY2019 and FY2020 data includes Tyson U.S.-based operations, The Pork Group, Advance Pierre, Original Philly, American Proteins, Tecumseh Poultry and Legacy Keystone U.S.-based operations.

3Details regarding these spills are available in the GRI Index.

4Incurred penalties of $5,000 or more are detailed in the GRI Index.