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Animal Welfare
Our Commitment

Continuously improve the welfare
of the animals entrusted to our care.


Be a leader in animal welfare through
research, innovation and transparent communication


Overall Audit Outcomes
by Supply Chain1

Poultry- 2018: 97%, 2019: 96%; Cattle- 2018: 92%, 2019: 94%; Swine- 2018: 97%, 2019: 98%

1Percentages represent the average number of animal welfare audit elements that were found to be acceptable against their representative frameworks.

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Key Welfare Indicators1
Broilers 2018 2019
Transport Livability 99.8% 99.9%
Non-Damaged Wings 98.9% 98.8%
Acceptable Paw Scores 78.0% 81.0%
Cattle and Hogs 2018 2019
No Falls 99.2% 99.9%
Not Prodded 99.2% 99.3%
Acceptable Wait Times 94.0% 96.8%

1Metrics based on our U.S. operations. Percent acceptable as audited against NCC Welfare Guidelines for Broilers or NAMI Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines [September 2019 Rev. 2] for cattle and hogs.